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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Harlem – History

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• The Reverend Peter Williams Jr.   


Images from St. Philip’s Harlem website in December 2018 that provide information on the congregation that goes back to 1702 along with the clergy that have lead the congregation through December 2018. The church was organized in 1809 and is the first black Episcopal Church in New York and second in the country. In addition to the history there is an explanation of the St. Philip’s arms and the unique features of the stain glass window on the east wall of the altar.  Source was from the church website under History, 2019. The most current published history by the church is on its website.

Click here to view the YouTube recording of  St. Philip’s Episcopal Church -Architecture and History.   This 2009 video, narrated by  parishioner Mark G. Barksdale, an architect and urban planner, was produced by Crumlic Media, New York, NY.


(August, 2020)

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