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The Right Reverend Quintin Ebenezer Primo, Jr.

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• St. Philip’s Church, Harlem   

The Right Reverend Quintin Ebenezer Primo, Jr., 1913-1998

Son of a priest from Guyana formerly  British Guiana, Quintin Ebenezer Primo, Jr. was the first black bishop elected in the dioceses of Chicago and Delaware. As an advocate for the advancement of minorities in the church and American society, Primo championed the equal treatment of black clergy and the inclusion of all racial minorities within congregations. His outspoken support of women’s ordination led him to become the first bishop to ordain women as priests in Chicago. He is one of the 5 signers of the original incorporation papers for the Union of Black Clergy and Laity which changed its name to Union of Black Episcopalians.  The national organization was founded in St. Philip’s Church in Harlem February 8, 1968

[Published Winter 2020]


The RIght Reverend Quintin E. Primo Jr.